Spring - Summer 2021

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It is in a former centre of the Brest Navy that Royal Mer is setting the scene for its new summer collection.

Far from the summer clichés of the Brittany coast and marine inspirations, we wanted to express in this singular atmosphere the permanent interaction between tradition and the appeal of modernity which animates our way of conceiving this authentic and historical knitwear.

Always with this demand for quality, we continue to bring French know-how to life through the creation of exceptional items.

Our philosophy

Our inspiration

The spirit and the power of the sea.

Our graphical and creative knitwear brings you into the world of the sea and highlights the key elements of sea life that inspire our work.

Our collections revisit authentic sailing clothing and have made the materials, stitching and details of our clothing part of the sailing style.

Our collections show how Royal Mer strives to respect its Breton origin and uses Brittany for inspiration.

An expertise in clothing

A promise of high-quality, long-lasting products.

Experience has taught us that knitting is a difficult technique and that it takes a long time to produce a quality piece of knitwear.

By being rigorous in the choice of yarns and materials, by mastering the various knitting techniques and by being demanding in terms of design we ensure we produce high-quality, long-lasting clothing.

Modern knitwear

For a more responsible, sustainable form of fashion.

We produce in a sustainable manner.

We accept that it takes time to produce high-quality pieces. We respect people by putting skills and experience at the heart of our design and production processes.

We demand the same quality and transparency from our suppliers and partners.

This way of working helps ensure Royal Mer’s collections are ethical and sustainable and that we continue, as we have always done, to focus on quality and expertise.

Our expertise

It’s in our workshop in La Regrippière, near Nantes, one of the last few bright sparks of French manufacturing, that we express our love for the stitching professions and for the values of the Made in France label.
Discover how this blend of creativity and technique helps create the unique and bold knitwear which makes Royal Mer stand out from the crowd.

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French know-how

French know-how

Expert in high quality knitwear


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