How to care for your Royal Mer garment


Check the label on your wool sailor garment to choose the right washing method. For your information, all our sweaters are now machine-washable provided you have a suitable program. 💡 There's no need to wash your Royal mer sweater every time you wear it, just let it air out so you can wear it again, as wool wicks away sweat and repels odor molecules from sweat.

1 Machine wash

• Turn your Royal sea sweater inside out. 
• Set your washing machine to a wool program (30° max). 
• Wash your sea sweater with a special wool detergent.

2 Hand wash

Place your sailor sweater in a basin of cold water with a mild detergent. twist! 
 • Rinse it in clean water. 
 • Dry it by wrapping it and squeezing it in a towel -sponge. do not rub stains, especially stitch against stitch, as this promotes pilling; do not let it soak, as the wool will become soaked with water and your sweater may become deformed; do not twist it, otherwise it will break the fiber and permanently damage your sweater;

3 Drying

After removing excess water, lay the sweater out on a clean, flat surface to dry. 
• Let it air dry so it will air out. 
 ⚠️ Avoid hanging it, as this can stretch and distort it.


Cotton is a hard-wearing textile that's easier to care for than wool.

1 Machine wash

• Wash at 30°C, with high spin speed. 
 ⚠️ If you use fabric softener, do not put large quantities in your washing machine.

2 Drying

• Your cotton clothes can be hung on a line to dry. 
• Position the clothespins well so as not to leave visible marks. 
• To make ironing easier, dewrinkle - them when they come out of the washing machine. 
• It is not recommended to dry them in the dryer. 
• Preferably iron inside out , by setting your iron to a medium temperature. ️ 
⚠️ White cotton clothing should not be dried in direct sunlight or in the immediate vicinity of a heat source.
Some of our sweaters pill at the beginning of their use, this is normal.
💡 We have a little tip for you, take a razor (or an anti-pilling device) and gently shave your sweater to remove the pills. Your sweater will come out like new!

Reminder of maintenance symbols

⚠️: Do not steam iron textiles containing acrylic or modacrylic fibers.