Since the creation of its workshop in 1946, Royal Mer has made traditional knitwear 
marine-inspired knitwear 
an authentic French story, Our unique textile expertise means we can now offer you.., our iconic ADRIAN sweater, guaranteed for life. Our approach is in line with our values, the creation of quality pieces made to last over time.

Product covered by the Lifetime Warranty

At Royal Mer, authenticity, quality and timelessness are our watchwords. Our ADRIAN sweater, which has been in our catalog for almost 10 years, is knitted in our workshop by expert hands who embody these values. It's an exceptional garment, built to last, carrying the marine heritage of our company. It is this sweater, so dear to our brand, that we guarantee today.

Your ADRIAN: From Purchase to Repair

When you buy an ADRIAN sweater, you enter a world of elegance, durability and tradition. With our Lifetime Guarantee, we offer you a commitment to your long-term satisfaction. It confirms our confidence in the strength of our products and our desire to see you enjoy your ADRIAN sweater for years, even decades, to come.

How to guarantee your sweater

Step 1

Fill in the form 

Step 2

Receive your warranty certificate by email

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Enjoy your 

Warranty Form

Lifetime Warranty in detail

To activate the lifetime warranty on your ADRIAN sweater, simply fill out the "Warranty my ADRIAN sweater" form above. This warranty covers seams and accessories, attesting to the sweater's unrivalled quality. It excludes normal wear and tear, holes and stains, leaving your sweater to face the challenges of everyday life. Thanks to Royal Mer, owning an ADRIAN sweater isn't just a purchase, it's an investment in authenticity, solidity and elegance. 

Your ADRIAN sweater is ready to become a centerpiece of your wardrobe, a garment that tells a story of tradition and durability. The best time to join that story is now.

Care Procedure

At time of purchase :

You have a problem with your sweater :

  • Contact

Please contact us using the online form "repair my ADRIAN sweater" above. It is necessary to complete the information on the defective product, add photos of the sweater and have previously filled out the "guarantee my ADRIAN sweater" form.
  • Examination and Repair Warranty

L'Atelier will examine this first request and give you an answer within 7 days, along with instructions on how to send it. On receipt of the sweater, our teams will carefully examine your product. If the sweater is found to be eligible for warranty, our teams will repair it. If the sweater is found to be ineligible for warranty, a repair estimate will be provided to the customer.
  • Send

Please send your sweater to be repaired clean (no recent stains, various hairs...) to the Workshop address: Royal Mer - Service Garantie - Route de Beaupréau, ZA Treize Vents, 44330 La Regrippière.
  • Delays

Repairs take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete.
  • Brand new!

Once your sweater has been repaired and pampered, you'll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.

How do I repair my sweater?

Step 1

Fill in the form 

Step 2

We process 
your request

Step 3

We proceed to the
repair & shipping

The Repairability of Your ADRIAN Sweater: 
An Eco-Responsible Approach

At Royal Mer, we believe in the importance of repairability to reduce our environmental footprint. We're proud to offer a repair service that guarantees the durability of your ADRIAN Pullover, whether it's eligible for warranty or not.
  • Warranty repairs

When you send us your ADRIAN Sweater for repair, our teams will subject it to a thorough evaluation. If the defects found on the sweater are eligible for warranty, our experts will restore it with the know-how and expertise you've come to expect from Royal Mer. There are no repair costs in this case, as it's included in our lifetime warranty.
  • Out-of-warranty repairs

If, after examination, it is determined that the defects found are not eligible for warranty, but your sweater is deemed repairable, you will receive a personalized quotation to restore your ADRIAN Sweater to its original splendor. This service allows you to extend the life of your ADRIAN Pullover while reducing resource consumption. Join our initiative by registering your ADRIAN Pullover online and discover how we give a second life to these symbols of timeless elegance.