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A genuine knitwear charged with respect for tradition 

Since the creation of its workshop in 1946, Royal Mer has made traditional marine-inspired knitwear an authentic French story. From the original fishermen's sweaters to creative, contemporary collections, the Breton brand's activity has inevitably evolved. But over the decades, as markets and technologies have changed, its heritage has remained intact: a unique textile know-how that contributes more than ever to the influence of Made in France. This knitwear of character, just the right combination of elegance and authentic simplicity, has become the signature of Royal Mer.


A unique know-how






Irreproachable quality


Historic technical expertise

The heritage of exceptional textile know-how

Programmers, hosiers, cutters, embroiderers, stitchers, buttonmakers...These specific professions are not learn more at school, but through experience and practice. In this family business, this know-how, which has become rare, has been preserved and transmitted for more than 70 years like a precious heritage. To date, fifty people and their expert hands work in our design office and manufacturing workshop located in the west of France to perpetuate the culture of this unique traditional knit.

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Beau et durable

An essential synergy between creativity and technicality. 

In our design office located in the heart of the knitting workshop, highly qualified creatives and technicians express their talents and know-how within a collective creative system. A subtle alchemy then takes place between inspiration and its technical interpretation, between the material and the stitches, between the richness of tradition and the audacity of a resolutely contemporary vision. This characterful knit, just the right combination of elegance and authentic simplicity, has become the signature of Royal Mer.

Time, a true ally of high-end tailoring.

While the world of fashion is chasing time and succumbing to a frenzy of (over) production whose collateral effects we are discovering, Royal Mer remains faithful to its liberated approach which pays close attention to quality and the requirements it implies. At each stage of the creation and manufacturing process, our experts and industrial partners know that time is not something that can be constantly optimized, but a necessity to produce high-end tailoring and exceptional pieces that will keep their promise of sustainability. You can come visit our workshop by booking here.