Visit the Royal Mer workshop

Welcome to the page dedicated to visiting our textile workshop! Si vous êtes intéressé par l’artisanat, la mode ou tout simplement curieux de découvrir comment sont fabriqués nos vêtements et accessoires, cette visite est faite pour vous. If you think this might be of interest to your friends and family, click here to download and share our flyer.

What is the workshop visit?

A visit to the Royal Mer workshop is an immersive experience that plunges you into the world of fashion and textiles. You'll get a close-up look at every stage of the production process, from design to final production. You'll get to know the company's various professions, meeting designers, seamstresses, patternmakers and stylists. As well as meeting the employees, a visit to the workshop will help you understand the importance of raw material selection in garment quality.

When can you visit our workshop?

When you visit the Royal Mer workshop, our guide will give you an overview of our history and values, and then you can meet our skilled and passionate employees.

NWe are delighted to offer tours for those interested in discovering our workshop.

🌼 Dates of the next visits in April / May: 

  • ⧽ Mardi 23 avril – 14h30
    ⧽ Jeudi 25 avril – 10h30 
    ⧽ Lundi 13 mai – 14h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 16 mai – 10h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 23 mai – 14h30 
    ⧽ Mardi 28 mai – 10h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 30 mai – 14h30

🌊 Dates for the next visits in June:

  • ⧽ Jeudi 6 juin – 14h30 
    ⧽ Mardi 11 juin – 10h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 13 juin – 14h30 
    ⧽ Mardi 18 juin – 14h30

☀️ Dates for upcoming visits in July

  • ⧽ Jeudi 4 juillet – 14h30 
    ⧽ Mardi 9 juillet – 14h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 11 juillet – 10h30 
    ⧽ Mardi 16 juillet – 14h30 
    ⧽ Jeudi 18 juillet – 10h30

Visits are welcomed at the Factory Outlet located at Zone Artisanale des Treize Vents, Route de Beaupréau – 44330 La Regrippière. 
Please note that visits are not possible on Wednesday and Friday afternoons, or at weekends.


How to book your visit to the Royal Mer workshop?

The minimum number of participants for a workshop tour is 5. If you're interested in a workshop tour but your group is smaller than 5, don't worry: you can still take part. This way, you'll be integrated into other groups of visitors. To book your visit, please contact or send an email to We hope you'll be able to visit us soon to find out more about our company! In the meantime, you can find all the latest news from the Royal Mer workshop on our Journal, Instagram and Facebook.