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Lucile, Head of clothing workshop at Royal Mer: inspiring portrait.

Discover the inspiring journeys of three women from the Royal Mer company on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day. Dive into their unique stories and learn about their experiences...

Discover the inspiring journeys of three women from the Royal Mer company on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day . Dive into their unique stories and learn about their experiences and vision for equality in the world of work. In this portrait we find Lucile, Head of Manufacturing Workshop at Royal Mer.

Can you tell us about your professional experience and your journey in this company?

My professional experience began in 2017. I started as a garment worker after completing Operational Preparation for Employment. This POE was organized through Pôle emploi and lasted three months within the company. Then one thing led to another, I was trained in embroidery, then integrated into the collection team. In 2021, management asked me if I agreed to take the position of assistant workshop manager, which I accepted. And finally, since January 2023 I have been, with Isabelle, responsible for the clothing workshop.

What is your job title and what work do you do on a daily basis at Royal Mer?

The title of my current position is therefore “Manufacturing workshop manager”. I am in charge of distributing work between all the people present at the manufacturing level as well as management. I prepare each kit of clothing so that they are then assembled, checked and packaged by workshop staff before being sent to customers. At our position, it is about making the link between cutting and editing. I also manage schedules and schedules.

For you, what is the place of women in the professional environment in general?

The place of women within companies is very strong and tailoring remains a professional field where women are predominantly present. But as a result, old achievements die hard. Salaries are still very low and progress is very slow, unlike in professions where men are much more present. Women will have to continue to assert their skills and abilities within a society that is still too patriarchal.

How do you manage the demands of your job while balancing your family responsibilities?

Professional life and family life are two very distinct things for me, even if they often intersect. Good organization is essential to have peace of mind. And having loved ones present is necessary in case of unforeseen circumstances! But it is true that the mental load is very present when you have young children. We must therefore find ways to externalize... 😉

Are there initiatives at Royal Mer in place to support employees with family responsibilities?

We are lucky, within the company, to be able to choose, in part, our schedules and to be able to use our overtime if we have childcare concerns or sick children.

On the occasion of Women's Rights Day, can you tell us how you view gender equality in your business and in your life in general?

Women's Rights Day is a great initiative, but if it still exists it is because unfortunately too many things are still to the disadvantage of women. We really need to stop considering women as weaker than men. Let salaries be the same for everyone! And the protection of women should be a priority in the eyes of justice!

What steps do you think companies can take to improve gender equality in the professional world?

Implement systematic controls within companies to stop discrimination in hiring and salaries. That there be more prevention when it comes to sexual harassment. That career developments be better supervised and egalitarian.


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