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Meeting with French Touch Oceans Club

In our approach to promoting our know-how as a French artisan knitter in a responsible, ethical and humane economy, we are committed alongside actors who have decided to move the...

In our approach to promoting our know-how as a French artisan knitter in a
responsible, ethical and humane economy, we are committed alongside actors who have
decided to move the lines…

For several months, we have been proud to partner with
French Touch Oceans Club for a cause that is particularly close to our hearts:

“French know-how (well) doing”

Thanks to their team, two contributors to the fundraising campaign for our KNIT-1 basketball
had the chance to spend an unforgettable time at sea aboard the Ocean Fifty class trimaran
who will participate in the Route du Rhum 2022 with the navigator and president of French Touch Oceans Club, Eric Peron.

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Hello Fanny / Eric, who are you and what is your role at French Touch Oceans Club?

Eric Péron: I am above all a skipper, it's my job. But I am also the president of
French Touch Oceans Club, a brand that we created in 2019 with the aim of
bring together a handful of partners/sponsors, from my Figaro 2 at the time, under a
same banner carrying shared values ​​and a collective and collaborative dynamic.
Since then, the project has grown, new members have joined us and we are sailing
now on a 50-foot Trimaran, an Ocean Fifty.

Fanny Evenat: I'm a bit of a Swiss army knife. I am in charge of running the network
partners, communication of French Touch Oceans Club and responsible for
brand. I make the link with our members, I support them on the ideas and levers of
communication around their partnership, I organize club days, sea trips and
the moments of conviviality and meeting that we offer around the project.

Can you introduce us in a few words to French Touch Oceans Club?
French touch Oceans Club is:

  • A brand, a label, behind which a club of French companies proud of their
    French know-how.
  • An offshore racing project that lines up at the start of the biggest sailing races.
  • A great collective with a strong French attitude, with an entrepreneurial spirit in its heart.
    time, lovers of the ocean, adventure and great collaborations.

Our credo:

TO Gather and promote French companies by promoting their know-how and their
commitment to a responsible, ethical and humane economy.

DEMOCRATIZE sponsorship of sailing and offshore racing and participate in its
renewal by making it accessible and collaborative.

What are the main actions of French Touch Oceans club to
promote Made in France?

We prefer to talk about “French (good) know-how”, not all of our partners are in the same
manufacture and the fact remains that they all have great know-how. We make this shine
ethos thanks to our boat which participates in major offshore races, but also across
all our communication and events initiatives. This year we are producing
a web video series where we meet our members and their know-how on
a slightly offbeat tone for example.

Why defend Made in France?

The evolution of our consumption patterns, media uses and our consciousness
ecological leads us to collectively rethink our world. Values
environmental, ethical and societal issues that drive us have naturally led us to
wanting to become a standard bearer of French know-how. And then we will assume
fully our chauvinistic side (in the team, we are all Breton, chauvinism is
knows about it ;-)), we are proud of beautiful quality products, great ideas and initiatives
which teem very close to us and which contribute to the local economy.

Can you tell us about French Touch Oceans Club’s collaboration with
Royal Mer: why did you like the project?

We met Royal Mer and Hervé Coulombel through another of our
members, Friendly Frenchy. I think we immediately recognized each other in the
values ​​that we carry, but also on the desire to share and the human dimension and
friendly of our project. We also share the same universe: the marine spirit!
Boarding Royal Mer and wearing the superb sailor sweaters on the pontoons is a real source of pride
for our entire team. We find that we are the classiest sailing team.

How do you select member brands?

We cannot talk about selection, but when we meet a potential member, we
ensures that he adheres to our values ​​and that he also sees himself in them. But
as they are clearly displayed, companies that wish to join us
are generally interested in our project because it precisely resembles them.

What are the future projects coming up for French Touch Oceans Club?

We are in the middle of the racing season with the Ocean Fifty, which continues until the end of July.
Then after a short summer break for the whole team, the big meeting of the year,
it is the legendary Route du Rhum which leaves from Saint-Malo on November 6. We are
looking forward to being there and bringing together the entire Partner Club for the departure.
We are already working on the continuation of our adventures, but that... We will tell you about it in
end of the year.

Do not hesitate to follow the adventures of French Touch Oceans on their social networks


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