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Our Royal Mer boutique in Dinard: A dazzling transformation

Welcome to our brand new space! We are delighted to announce that our emblematic boutique in Dinard has undergone a spectacular transformation this summer. Nestled in the heart of this...

The discovery of a hidden treasure

In beginning this transformation, we made a bold decision: the old parquet floor gave way to a beautifully preserved period mosaic floor. This unexpected treasure is a testament to the history and character of our store. Every step you take inside from now on will connect you to our heritage and the seafaring spirit that inspires us.

Local crafts in the spotlight

Our efforts extended to furniture. Four new solid oak shelves, finely crafted by a local carpenter, are now the elegant guardians of our collections. The combination of French craftsmanship and know-how creates a unique experience for our visitors and highlights the timeless beauty of our products.

An explosion of colors

The new layout of our space has allowed our colorful collections to express themselves freely. From one corner to the other, an elegant colorama comes to life, illustrating the diversity of our creations. Every corner of the store now vibrates with the vitality and creativity of our nautical sweaters.

Explore our iconic collection of sailor sweaters

The highlight of the show? Our iconic sailor sweaters, timeless symbols of maritime fashion. Crafted with care and meticulous attention to detail, our nautical sweaters are designed to combine comfort, durability and style. Whether it's a casual day at the seaside or an elegant evening on the town, our sweaters suit any occasion.

Meet our passionate team

In our store, you will have the pleasure of meeting two welcoming faces: Karima and Michelle, store manager and saleswoman respectively. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of materials and products, they are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with expert advice on choosing the items that are best for you.
Françoise, our ADV manager, is another rare gem in our team. Her passion for fashion and her expertise will ensure you find the perfect pieces for your style. In addition, she will be able to tell you about all the good deals in Dinard .

An immersive gallery

The floor of our store has not been forgotten. What was once a storage space is now an immersive gallery. The walls display photos captured in the heart of our factory, immersing our visitors in the manufacturing process of our sailor sweaters. An experience that connects our customers to the passion that drives every thread of our creations.

This transformation is a reflection of our commitment to history, craftsmanship and innovation. We are filled with pride as we contemplate the final result and we look forward to welcoming you to this reinvented space. This winter, come and discover the symbiosis between the past and the present in our Dinard store.

Plan your visit now and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of our store. We can't wait to share this new space with you!

This Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27, 2023, the Union of Traders of Dinard ( UCD ), of which Royal Mer is a part, is organizing its Great Summer Sale. All partner merchants will offer their products at reduced prices. Come and meet our entire team this weekend at 40 Rue Levasseur, 35800 Dinard. For more information, contact the team by telephone:


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