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Our portraits: Amélie Jouve & Matthieu Dupouy-Fanen

It is with enthusiasm that we introduce you today to the founders of a dynamic and committed association which was created just a year and a half ago. Welcome to...

It is with enthusiasm that we introduce you today to the founders of a dynamic and committed association which was created just a year and a half ago. Welcome to the world of Amélie & Matthieu from Voiles au Vert. Discover in this new portrait this dedicated couple who are making their dream of preserving our seas come true while letting you be inspired by their story and their achievements.

Hello Amélie and Matthieu! Could you introduce yourself and talk about your background and your association?

Voiles au Vert was founded about two years ago. Both sensitive to the protection of the marine environment, we wanted to create an association which combined our skills in the service of environmental preservation. Matthieu is a skipper and sailing instructor and Amélie is a school teacher. That's when the idea came to us to raise children's awareness of marine ecology by visiting schools on a sailing trip.

You are going to embark on a tour of the Atlantic aboard a sailboat for 10 months! How do you envisage this adventure?

We are considering this adventure from different aspects.
First of all, we are extremely happy to be able to act at our level for a cause that is so close to our hearts. Being able to bring to fruition the preparation of this project which has been going on for 2 years is a real motivation to take off for 10 months!

In addition, we are impatient to discover, to reach out to others! Whether parents, children, teachers, locals, tourists or boaters, we believe that meeting is necessary to constantly evolve while maintaining the convictions that drive us.

Finally, this experience is also a real sporting and mental challenge that we deeply want to experience in order to realize our common passion for sailing.

Are there any specific projects or initiatives you plan to implement during this trip?

We will carry out educational workshops for classes from CP to CM2 on plankton, responsible fishing and plastic pollution.

Beyond carrying out our awareness activities at a specific time for each school, we believe that the fact that teachers follow our adventure with their classes throughout the year will make it possible to mark the children even more on the subject of ecology.

How is your association financed? Have you secured any grants or donations to support your efforts?

The association was financed by different means. First of all, we paid a lot of money out of our own pocket. By examining our project, our loved ones helped us a lot financially (donations for participation in our association events, etc.). We were also supported with great enthusiasm by various partners (donations in kind or financial).

Have you established partnerships with other organizations or companies since your creation?

Yes, if we counted all of our partners, nearly 60 companies supported us in our project. Even though we still lack funding for this project, this is extremely encouraging for us.

How can interested people get involved or support your association?

People can help us by donating to our online fundraiser. Just type on Google “ Hello Asso Voiles au Vert ” and you will easily come across our page . A donation certificate is sent directly to donors so that they can make a tax deduction of 66% of the donation.

Every donation, even the smallest, is very precious and motivating!

If you had to choose 3 words to describe Royal Mer pieces, what would they be?

Authenticity, quality and reassurance!

And finally, do you have a favorite piece? If yes, why this one?

The Océana, a sweater with fish embroidered on the elbows. It subtly reveals the beauty and richness of the oceans.

Océana - Plain sailor sweater with fish elbow patches


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