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Our portraits: Marie-Noelle Tiné-Dyèvre


Hello Marie-Noëlle! Could you introduce yourself and talk about your background?

Good morning ! I am 53 years old, married and have two children. For several years, I have shared my life between Dinard and Paris, in addition, I travel regularly to major port cities, in France and abroad. Since 2007, I have been working at the French Maritime Cluster, of which I am Deputy Director. I am also very involved in a voluntary capacity in several activities and associations related to the maritime sector. Since 2018, I have chaired the WISTA France association which brings together 150 women in positions of responsibility in professions in the maritime sector and which is attached to an international network of 4,000 women present in 56 countries.

What is your vision of the ocean as a source of inspiration and wealth for France?

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, organized each year on June 8 by the UN to recall the essential role of the ocean in our daily lives, I would like to recall its importance. The ocean has always been a source of inspiration, I cannot count the number of writers, painters, singers who have also been inspired by it and who are still inspired by it.

On an economic and strategic level, it is a transport route where 90% of our goods circulate, it is a space which feeds us, which produces renewable marine energies, and which conceals gigantic resources in its funds.

It is therefore a space to be monitored and protected, it is the role of the French Navy and all the actors of State Action at sea. For France, the stakes are major, because our maritime space, with its 11 million km², is the 2nd largest in the world.

It is also a space that remains to be explored, which is why France has launched new missions to explore the deep seabed as part of the France 2030 Plan.

Environmentally, it is a living space, responsible for 50% of the oxygen produced on earth, it is also a carbon pump which absorbs 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. But the ocean remains a very fragile space, whose biodiversity is deteriorating due to human activity, so it is very important to protect it and we must all act to contribute to its health!

How would you describe the role and actions of the CMF?

Created in 2006, the French Maritime Cluster (CMF) is a professional association which brings together French players in the maritime ecosystem, from industry to services and activities of all kinds. The CMF has 470 member entities: companies of all sizes, sectoral federations, schools, universities, research centers, communities including coastal regions, as well as the French Navy.

Our actions are based on 3 axes: institutional communication, the creation of operational synergies between members, and dialogue with public authorities. Our mission is to serve our members and to develop together a sustainable and responsible maritime economy.

French know-how is a value dear to Royal Mer. In your opinion, does there exist the same French know-how in the maritime industry?

Yes, there is real and numerous French know-how in the maritime industry. Without being able to list them all, I will cite the naval industry: France has numerous shipyards, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, engineering companies, naval architects, which contribute to civil and military shipbuilding, and which are recognized worldwide. .

There is also the nautical industry and services, which include thousands of companies, which design, build and equip magnificent sailboats and motorboats. The export rate of this industry is 79%, which shows how much French know-how is appreciated!

I also want to mention our internationally recognized scientific research organizations, including IFREMER, well known to Dinard residents thanks to its local branch, CRESCO.

As president of WISTA France, could you give us an overview of the place of women in the French maritime industry today?

The rate of feminization in the French maritime sector is 21%, insufficient even if it is progressing slowly. My observation is that, on the one hand, professions linked to the sea are still too little known in France, and that, on the other hand, even if these professions have become accessible to women, they are still, through prejudice and stereotypes, considered as so-called masculine professions.

This is why, with WISTA France , we are fighting to promote the place of women and the feminization of the maritime sector in order to contribute, with the objective of real diversity, to its sustainable and responsible growth, and to its attractiveness. . We are also keen to introduce our careers and our professions to hundreds of young girls. For example, we contribute each year to the national event “Elles de l’Océan” which aims to present these professions to them.

In addition, to accelerate the feminization of boards of directors in the maritime sector, WISTA France has just created a circle of Women Maritime Administrators (FAM) made up of members with mandates as directors or with the profile and motivation to become one. . WISTA France wants to provide a solution for decision-makers who need to renew members of their board of directors and ensure gender diversity, a vector of good governance and performance.

What is your point of view on the importance of supporting French brands and industry, particularly in the fashion and clothing sector?

In a professional capacity, I promote industrial players and French know-how. Personally, I make a point of buying French products, and for fashion, I favor quality French brands. It's really important for me to support French production, its businesses, its jobs and to contribute at my level to the development of France's economy.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe Royal Mer pieces, what would they be?

Quality, originality, colors!

What Royal Mer products would you wear every day?

When I'm in Dinard, I like to wear casual clothes. This year I love wearing an outfit made up of the new Knit-1 orangeade , the very comfortable navy blue Eliz , the Bleizen striped top , and the very cozy Rachel orangeade sweater . But I also often wear the very original Victorine dress in navy blue with white stripes that I bought last year.


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