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Our portraits: Mathilde & Arthur Garreau

We are very happy to present our new portraits to you! They are Mathilde and Arthur Garreau, a couple passionate about the sea and gastronomy. They are the owners of...

We are very happy to present our new portraits to you! They are Mathilde and Arthur Garreau, a couple passionate about the sea and gastronomy. They are the owners of the Colette restaurant in Saint-Coulomb, an establishment offering breathtaking views of the Emerald Coast.

Hello Mathilde and Arthur! Could you introduce yourself and talk about your background?

Good morning ! Mathilde and Arthur Garreau, we are 36 and 37 years old and are the happy parents of a lively troupe of three girls: Capucine 8 years old, Diane 6 years old and Colombe 2 years old.
We have been married for 11 years and lived in Angers, Shanghai and Paris before moving to Saint-Malo to open Colette. Both business school graduates (ESSCA, Angers), we each had entrepreneurial experiences before setting up this joint project. Arthur in Catering, and me in Distribution.

We must often ask you, but why this restaurant name Colette?

Colette was the first name of my grandmother, the one whose parents arrived in Brittany in the 1920s. A beautiful way to pay tribute to her, we who were looking for a name that reflected the image of this place that we wanted to be family-friendly and warm. .

What attracted you to come and settle in Brittany?

Our family attachment to the region, and especially this unique spot! Have you ever seen such a pretty desk?

Arthur and Mathilde in Royal Sea

Can you tell us about your relationship with the sea and the ocean?

The catering professions are as intense as they are exciting. The sea has this capacity for calm that is unparalleled. Sometimes you just have to look up and admire, just for a few seconds. This view is fascinating, because it is constantly changing in appearance and color throughout the day and the seasons. It's a never-ending show. And seeing the sea every day, in such a setting, is an incredible opportunity.

Arthur wearing the Gurvan lemon model

Your restaurant is splendid, the view is breathtaking! What were your main challenges and how did you work to create the atmosphere you were looking for?

Thank you so much ! The first challenge was already being able to get started. Needless to say, in 2020, finding partners who trust us, for a project of this magnitude, especially in catering, a sector extremely affected by the health crisis, was not an easy task. But when we have an idea in mind Arthur and I, we are tenacious... Then, we almost started from a blank page and were lucky enough to be accompanied by the architect Christophe Bachmann (Cabinet Bachmann Associés, in Dinard) during the work which lasted 9 months.

The idea was to create an atmosphere of an old family home, like that of my grandmother Colette, while integrating the restaurant into the landscape as best as possible. This is why the establishment was entirely clad in wood.
For the decoration, we worked with the Trésor Publik agency (in Dinard): antique objects, wicker armchairs, velvet benches, retro pattern tiling... We can't imagine the number of details that contribute to this atmosphere , even the color of the beer pump! We found all the ironware crockery and old cutlery at flea markets and flea markets.

Opening Colette in the middle of last July was also quite a challenge, but thanks to the commitment and investment of our teams, we overcame it!
The challenge was winter... And we are very happy to have welcomed a local and now regular clientele, who we are happy to see come back, and who supported us by coming in the private setting as for professional events. Nothing is ever certain, we will continue to evolve the place and the menu each season, but this first winter is very encouraging after the energy we have put into it.

What are the benefits and challenges of working together as a couple?

Before Colette, we had not planned to work together Arthur and I, it was the opportunity to take over this spot which created the joint project! The advantages are that we work together in the same direction, for a common objective and that we both understand the priorities of the moment, even when they are multiple. It's simpler than with two different companies. We have two rules that are a bit basic but quite useful: a single leader (I let Arthur believe that it's him), and each person has their own subjects. Things are done well, we don't like doing the same things.

How do you combine your work and family life with your children?

It's mainly a question of organization. We often take turns. We are both at the restaurant when the girls are at school, otherwise we alternate. Sometimes we are both present on weekends when it is essential, but we strive to keep these moments with our daughters. We need it as much as they do!

The view from the terrace - Photo: Jeanne Lozay

How would you describe your cuisine and your specialties? Are there any local fish or seafood that you use regularly?

Our cuisine is bistro cuisine, our dishes quite traditional, with local and seasonal products. We are committed to working with suppliers in the region. And it's not because we're in Brittany that we only eat fish. Our menu offers both meat and seafood! We always offer a starter and a vegetarian main course.

What are your plans for Colette for the years to come?

The list is long, there will be so many surprises! By the way, have you tried our new Colette gin distilled in Saint-Malo?

If you had to choose 3 words to describe Royal Mer pieces, what would they be?

Quality, responsibility, and tradition.
Quality, because just by putting on a sweater, you know it straight away!
Responsibility, because French manufacturing!
Tradition, because Royal Mer sweaters have that classic side that we love, but with a touch of modernity either through the cut or the colors.

Mathilde wearing the Chloé Ecru Sweater - Orangeade

And finally, what products would you wear every day?

The magnificent Chloé sweater with orange stripes, in the middle of winter as well as the cool summer evenings on this terrace!


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