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Our portraits: Caroline Piot

Caroline Piot in turn embarks on board the adventure of our Royal Mer ambassadors. Caroline is passionate about surfing, lives to the rhythm of the swell and combines this passion...

Caroline Piot in turn embarks on board the adventure of our Royal Mer ambassadors. Caroline is passionate about surfing, lives to the rhythm of the swell and combines this passion brilliantly between her work and her family life. Between two sessions in the water, she kindly took the time to answer our questions. Discover his portrait without further delay.

Hello Caroline, could you briefly introduce yourself for our readers?

Hello ! I am Caroline, 43 years old, born in Bourges (not really Breton ☺️), I studied in Auvergne then I moved quite a bit to land in Brittany. I have two children Pierre and Margaux ❤️ I have been a sales representative at the Royal Émeraude hotel in Dinard for 15 years!

We can see on your networks that you surf, what pushed you to start and how long have you been practicing this discipline?

I surfed for the first time when I lived in Galicia in 2005 at the Doninos spot. I have always been attracted to board sports (snow-skating etc.) Once I moved to Brittany in 2006, I took “real” lessons with Morgan from “ Surf Harmony ”. I would say I have been surfing for 14 years. I started late but these courses were obvious to me…

Photo credit: @rb35stb - Romain Bourge

How would you judge your progress in this sport?

Like any sport you evolve quickly at the beginning... Then you stagnate... I would say that I learn every day: it's not just about a human and a support, it's a harmony with nature, your physical fitness, your mood and your relationship with other surfers. Traveling really makes me progress and so do the different boards I surf.

Have you ever had the opportunity to practice this sport competitively?

I'm a bad loser so no! 😂 It is mainly about my work which would not allow me to compete or register in this process. But I'm not saying I'll never try...

You are writing to us from Morocco in Imsouane, we imagine that like quite a few Bretons, you therefore appreciate traveling. What is your favorite destination?

Well, for once, Imsouane (despite the crowds) was a huge favorite, an extraordinary wave which unfolds over more than 700m. As a longboard it was ideal. And in fact I met Bretons! But my most regular destinations are the Basque Country and the Landes.

And your dream destination?

I have two! Los Angeles and Hawaii!!! I'll have to do both at once! Since I was little, I have dreamed of going there.

When you surf in Brittany, where are your favorite spots?

I like to surf 10 minutes from home, between work and the children, I go as quickly as possible because the tide doesn't wait! I regularly surf on the beach of Longchamp in Saint Lunaire or du Sillon in Saint Malo.

You live and work by the sea in Dinard, could you explain to us your relationship with the ocean?

I have become a real little fish. I don't plan any trips far from the sea because I might miss it as much... I would say that I am close to it, even when it is 7 degrees! My colleagues at the Royal Émeraude often see me crossing the bar or going up to the suites to see if the swell is coming in (secret information not to be communicated to the manager 😂). I also make all my medical and friendly appointments depending on the swell and the tides: I am unbearable. Frustration has also entered my life: when you surf, you don't just go to the communal area behind your house, you spend your life wondering if you can be available at the best time of the session: several factors come into play. into account: tide, wind, swell, work, day, night, and the world too!! But it's worth it.

Do you have any favorite places in this beautiful city of Dinard, and can you share them with our readers?

To sleep, the Royal Émeraude Dinard of course! The BEST in Dinard! For a drink and a meal in summer while admiring the sunset, Les Sardines à la Plage in Lancieux, a change of scenery guaranteed! For walking, I'm a total fan of the landscapes of St Briac and St Lunaire. I like to daydream at the top of the Garde Guerin and watch for the swell trains offshore. While behind me the golfers are busy. Totally contrasting.

What do you like most about Royal Mer and how do you think this is reflected in our products?

Above all, I like simplicity. I like little touches of originality too! I had the chance to meet several people from Royal Mer, we also quickly realize that the brand is like those who represent it: simplicity and originality. At Royal Mer I find these colors which remind me of nature, the environment in which I evolve every day, you can wear these clothes in any season (especially in Brittany 😅) the materials are warm and comfortable. It's a way of life: we consume locally, we live with the activities around us. I have always preferred quality and authenticity over quantity...

Photo credit: @rb35stb - Romain Bourge

What is your favorite sweater color?

I'm not very original: I like navy blue . It simply reminds me of the ocean, its depths. I have always admired the work of sailors: I find them intrepid, courageous, we have the impression that they may never return to the dock. This “deep” color also makes me think of them. This little romantic side too.

As a Royal Mer ambassador, do you have a favorite piece? If yes, why this one?

Yes, my favorite piece is the loose Eulalie navy blue sweater. I think I could have it in all the colors offered because I think it's so cool. This piece is super feminine, glamorous, modern and wonderfully reinvents the basic sailor sweater. I wear it with a lot of high-waisted pants, it fits very well! My shoulders are broad, the sweater is loose, I feel very comfortable in it, not tight because the knit is soft. I can wear it with a skirt, leggings... Finally, I love the collar, it's high and gives me warmth after my surf sessions!

Plain Navy Blue Eulalie Loose Sweater

Photo credit: @magicxantoine - Antoine Scognamiglio -

Cover image photo credit: @surfskeudenn - Léo Laurent Photographie


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