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The wonders of alpaca wool

During this winter period, discover the unique charm of alpaca wool, a natural fiber known for its exceptional softness and its ability to offer comforting warmth. For centuries, this fiber...

Incomparable softness

Alpaca produces a fiber of remarkable softness, rivaling even cashmere. When you touch an alpaca wool garment, you instantly feel its silky and delicate texture, providing incomparable comfort to the wearer.

Natural warmth

Alpaca is also praised for its exceptional thermal properties. Its unique structure creates air pockets that trap body heat, giving you superior insulation even in the harshest climates. Thus, each alpaca wool garment becomes a protective envelope against the cold, allowing you to stay comfortably warm throughout the winter.

Durability and lightness

In addition to its softness and warmth, alpaca wool is also known for its durability and lightness. Alpaca fibers are naturally hard-wearing, ensuring that your clothes will retain their luxurious look and feel for many seasons to come, whilst remaining incredibly light against your skin.

An ethical and sustainable choice

By choosing alpaca wool clothing, you are also opting for a more ecological and sustainable option. Alpacas are raised in environmentally friendly conditions and their wool is ethically produced, making it a conscious and responsible fashion choice.

Our alpaca wool sweaters

Chiara - Loose cable-knit sweater
Odyssée - Loose cable-knit dress
Pernille - Loose striped turtleneck sweater


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