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GOTS Cotton

In our quest for sustainable, eco-friendly clothing, we are excited to introduce GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton. As a company concerned about the impact of our production on the...

What is GOTS cotton?

This is an international standard for the production of organic textiles. It defines environmental criteria throughout the cotton supply chain, from fiber cultivation to final product labeling.

Thus, GOTS Cotton aims to encourage more sustainable practices in the textile industry and provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase environmentally friendly cotton products. By choosing the GOTS label, you support sustainability and help reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry!

A commitment to the planet

GOTS cotton is based on rigorous standards that cover the entire production process. One of the key aspects is organic cultivation, which excludes the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Farmers work in harmony with nature, preserving biodiversity and soil health. This approach ensures that our clothes do not harm the land from which they were born.

The quality of GOTS cotton: Comfort and durability

In addition to its ecological benefits, this standard offers a pleasant wearing experience and exceptional durability. Organic fibers are soft and breathable, allowing your skin to breathe naturally throughout the day. Plus, GOTS cotton is designed to stand the test of time. Which means your clothes will maintain their quality and appearance, even after many washes.

The conscious choice for your wardrobe

By integrating GOTS cotton into our production, we seek to offer you clothing that combines style, comfort and sustainability, while respecting our commitment to the planet and people. Every time you choose a garment from this label, you are making a conscious choice that promotes sustainability and environmental preservation. Discover our Effie V and Salomon RV t-shirts, made with this cotton!

White short-sleeved t-shirt with badge on left sleeve and navy blue shell on the chest
Effie V plain t-shirt
Navy blue short-sleeved t-shirt with badge on left sleeve and orange compass rose on the chest
Salomon RV plain t-shirt


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