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Egyptian cotton

When it comes to choosing quality clothing, Egyptian cotton is an unrivaled choice. Renowned for its softness, durability and luxurious feel against the skin, Egyptian cotton has long been considered...

The origins

It was in 1820 that a Frenchman, Louis Alexis Jumel, noticed a long-fibre cotton tree in a Cairo garden. Jumel cultivated the shrub, obtained good results and was helped by the support of Mohamed Ali Pasha, considered the founder of the renaissance of modern Egypt. The export of long fibers sought by European industry began.

The decisive boost was given by the Civil War which diverted industrialists from the American market and directed them towards Egypt. Production tripled to meet the demand and needs of occupying England. Thus was born Egyptian cotton, which is now considered the highest quality cotton in the world. It is particularly appreciated by luxury household linen brands because of its softness, resistance and ease of maintenance.

Quality focus

Egyptian cotton is grown in the fertile lands of Egypt, where climatic conditions and soil favor the growth of extra-long, fine cotton fibers. This gives Egyptian cotton its signature premium quality. The extra-long fibers twist more easily into strong, durable threads, while their fineness gives incomparable softness to textiles made from this exceptional cotton.

How sweet!

One of the most popular characteristics of Egyptian cotton is its luxurious softness. The extra-long, fine fibers glide delicately over the skin, providing a feeling of comfort and caress. Whether for bed sheets, bath towels or clothing, Egyptian cotton provides an experience of ultimate softness and comfort.

Durability and longevity

In addition to being soft, Egyptian cotton is extremely durable. Extra-long fibers resist wear and tear better, meaning Egyptian cotton clothing tends to last longer than those made from other types of cotton. You can rest assured that your Egyptian cotton clothing will remain beautiful and intact, even after many washes.

Morwena wide women's t-shirt
Green and ecru striped sailor sweater with buttons on left shoulder
Cancalais striped men's sweater

We are proud to present our clothing collection that showcases the highest quality Egyptian cotton. Among our flagship products, we recommend the Morwena , a wide t-shirt carefully made from this luxurious fiber. We also invite you to discover our magnificent two-tone striped sweater, the Cancalais . Made from this exceptional cotton, this sweater embodies the perfect alliance between superior quality and timeless style.


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