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Why virgin wool is your ally against the cold

Virgin wool has long been one of the favorite materials for facing the harsh winters. But what makes virgin wool so effective at keeping you warm? Let's dive into the...

Natural thermal insulation

Virgin wool is distinguished by its exceptional ability to thermally insulate. Its unique structure creates air pockets that trap body heat, acting as an effective barrier against the cold outside. An essential property that makes it an ideal choice for winter clothing.

Humidity regulation

Virgin wool is made up of hollow fibers, which form air chambers. These chambers trap air, which creates a barrier against the cold. Virgin wool is also hygroscopic (a phenomenon similar to breathing), meaning it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp. This property allows virgin wool to wick away perspiration, which also helps keep the body warm.

A section of wool fiber under the microscope

Natural thermoregulation

Virgin wool acts as a natural thermostat, regulating your body temperature. It provides comforting warmth when temperatures drop and provides welcome freshness when conditions improve. This versatility makes it a suitable choice for different seasons.

Anti-odor and Anti-Bacterial

With its natural antibacterial properties, virgin wool helps prevent unwanted odors, keeping you fresher for longer between washes. No need to wash your sweater after each use, prefer to let it breathe in the open air.

Durability and longevity

Virgin wool fibers are robust and resistant to wear. Wool clothing tends to last longer, providing reliable warmth season after season. Opting for virgin wool means choosing durability and quality.

Our sweaters in 100% virgin wool

Adrian - Plain sailor sweater
Roland - Two-tone sailor sweater
Alberic U - Zip-up jacket with high collar


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