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Royal Mer washed wool: The art of transformation

At Royal Mer, innovation is at the heart of our commitment to quality and comfort. It is with great pride that we present to you our latest advancement: Washed Wool....

The Meticulous Choice of Fibers

At Royal Mer, each yarn is a story and each knitting a work of art. Our new creation, Washed Wool, is the result of a meticulous process combining tradition and innovation.

It all starts with a rigorous selection of virgin wool fibers, carefully selected from the best Italian spinners. Virgin wool is a material of exceptional quality, renowned for its warmth and durability.

Thanks to its natural fibers, it provides effective thermal insulation, protecting you from the cold while letting your skin breathe. Virgin wool has the unique ability to absorb moisture while retaining warmth, ensuring a comfortable feeling in all conditions.

Our artisan knitters, heirs of historic know-how, then bring the wool to life. Each knitted panel is a symphony of stitches, creating a unique texture that characterizes our Washed Wool.

The Meticulous Washing Process

Our commitment to quality and comfort is reflected in the meticulous washing process of knitted virgin wool panels. We promote wool care at every stage, starting with washing at around 30°C (the precise degree is kept secret), enriched with softener. Each fiber is treated with the greatest delicacy, thus providing exquisite softness and optimal comfort to each garment.

Quality is at the heart of our process, and that is why washing and treatment is carried out on virgin wool panels before cutting. This approach ensures perfect consistency in every piece you choose, as each panel receives the same loving care.

Understanding the importance of the perfect size, we anticipate shrinkage before cutting. This precaution ensures that our clothing retains its ideal shape even after several washes, providing you with durable clothing designed for your comfort.

At Royal Mer, every step of the process is a tribute to quality, tradition and innovation.

This is just the beginning of the washed wool journey at Royal Mer. Our process of manufacturing washed wool sweaters then includes the crucial step of precise cutting and assembly. The washed virgin wool panels are cut according to the patterns of each model. These parts are then assembled with meticulous precision, pass through careful inspection, before being finalized and made available to you.

Our commitment to garment design begins right at the start of the supply chain, and it is this dedication to excellence that makes our washed wool garments unique, soft, durable and stylish pieces for all occasions.

Our washed wool models:

Alois - High-neck trucker sweater
Romeo - Plain scarf
Henri - High neck sweater


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