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Guy Cotten, a collaboration of values

Collaborations are often born from the meeting of two worlds, a shared vision and common values. For our recent collaboration with Guy Cotten, it all starts with the story of...

Guy Cotten: A story rooted in excellence

In 1964, Guy Cotten , a man with a passion for the sea, founded his own company to produce workwear suitable for fishermen and maritime professionals. His dedication to quality and durability quickly made Guy Cotten a renowned brand in the maritime industry.

However, what is even more remarkable is the story of their iconic logo . In 1974, Alain Le Quernec, a renowned Quimper poster artist, created the famous little yellow man who became the recognizable symbol of Guy Cotten. This yellow man is now much more than just a logo. It represents strength, resilience and commitment to the sea, while symbolizing a true global citizen.

Values ​​that resonate

At Guy Cotten, manufacturing to last is a philosophy that resonates deeply with their products, just as it does for Royal Mer. Durability, strength and quality are at the heart of their creations. This vision of longevity has come to fruition over the years, as has their act of ecological transition .

Maintaining local know-how is also at the heart of Guy Cotten’s values. Their products are mainly manufactured in Brittany, distributed between three sites located in Trégunc and Landaul. This proximity also allows them to ensure the repair of their oilskins to “repair rather than throw away”. It is a real commitment to quality, from the choice of their fabrics to the quality of manufacturing to after-sales service for a durable and timeless look. This centralization of production shows their commitment to the region and their desire to maintain local production while maintaining high quality.

Person producing a Royal Mer x Guy Cotten sweater

The manufacture of 100% virgin wool sweaters

When an iconic brand like Guy Cotten partners with Royal Mer, the result is a collection of virgin wool sweaters that capture the essence of adventure at sea. Virgin wool is known for its warmth and durability. These sweaters are an ode to maritime heritage and traditional textile know-how, uniting two maritime worlds.

Both brands share a passion for authenticity and elegance, while promoting values ​​of sustainability and respect for tradition. This collaboration reflects a harmonious marriage between the marine world of Guy Cotten and the timeless refinement of Royal Mer.

In creating these sweaters, every detail counts. From the selection of virgin wool to meticulous production in our workshop in La Regrippière. The history and values ​​of Guy Cotten blend perfectly with those of Royal Mer to offer clothing that embody a shared passion for the ocean and excellence.

Discover our Royal Mer x Guy Cotten collection. An alliance of two marine worlds which give birth to exceptional virgin wool sweaters. These unique pieces, imbued with a love of the sea and artisanal know-how, embody our shared passion for the marine environment. Be part of this adventure at sea and explore our collection today.

Plain yellow sailor sweater Royal Mer x Guy Cotten collection
GC plain sailor sweater
Plain navy blue scarf Royal Mer x Guy Cotten collection
Plain GC scarf
Navy blue sailor sweater with yellow band at the torso, Royal Mer x Guy Cotten collection
GC sailor sweater


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