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Royal Mer X Guy Cotten: An exceptional marine collaboration

The marine world has always had this something magical, this raw beauty that fascinates. Two iconic brands, Royal Mer and Guy Cotten, have shared this unwavering passion for the sea...

Two brands, the same passion

Royal Mer, an artisan knitter since 1946, has built an unrivaled reputation for creating high-quality marine-inspired clothing, particularly with its nautical sweaters. Our absolute commitment to quality, durability and timeless style has made our House an undisputed benchmark in the world of marine fashion.

Guy Cotten embodies the spirit of adventure at sea. The brand is recognized worldwide for its raincoats and its famous yellow man . Their clothes have sheltered fishermen and the greatest skippers from around the world since 1964. It has been almost 60 years since the name GUY COTTEN traveled the seas of the globe, treading the fields, the seasides and, increasingly, the city centers. cities.

An exceptional collaboration

The merger of these two giants of the sea heralds an extraordinary collaboration. It perfectly combines Royal Mer's expertise in creating high-quality marine-inspired clothing with Guy Cotten's unrivaled know-how in professional protective clothing.

Our shared goal

Offering lovers of the sea and fashion a range of clothing and accessories that combines the timeless elegance of Royal Mer with the reputation of Guy Cotten. This collaboration pushes the boundaries of marine fashion by creating pieces that stand up to time and the elements with flying colors.

What our two houses have in store for you

Our joint collection brings together a variety of products, from sailor sweaters to accessories. Each piece is carefully designed to meet the needs of sea adventurers.

The wait is finally over

We are proud to share this adventure with you! After months of work, we are happy to finally lift the veil on this long-awaited collaboration. Stay tuned to have all the information on this exclusive collection.

Royal Mer and Guy Cotten share a common vision of the sea as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Our collaboration embodies the fusion of two marine worlds, bringing fashion and maritime enthusiasts a collection that captures the very essence of adventure at sea.

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