Expert in high quality knitwear

Authentic knitwear which respects the Breton tradition.

Since our workshop was opened in 1946 Royal Mer has made sailing-inspired knitwear into a French success story. From our original fisherman’s sweaters to designing more modern, creative creations, the products of our Breton brand have definitely evolved over the years.
And yet despite changing markets and technologies our core has remained intact: unique expertise in the clothing industry which helps the Made in France label to shine.
Bold knitwear, combining elegance and simplicity, has become Royal Mer’s signature.

A unique expertise
The sailing style knitwear
A flawless quality

A historical technicality

The heritage of an exceptional textile know-how

Programmers, hosiery makers, cutters, embroiderers, stitchers, button makers… These specific trades are no longer learned at school, but through experience and practice.
In this family business, this know-how, which has become rare, has been preserved and passed on for more than 70 years like a precious heritage.
To date, fifty people and their expert hands work in our design office and manufacturing workshop located in the west of France to perpetuate the culture of this traditional knitwear so unique.

Beautiful and sustainable

An indispensable synergy between creativity and technicality.

In our design office located in the heart of the knitting workshop, highly qualified creatives and technicians express their talents and know-how within a collective creation system.
A subtle alchemy is then established between inspiration and its technical interpretation, between the material and the stitches, between the richness of tradition and the audacity of a resolutely contemporary vision.
This mesh of character, the right combination of elegance and authentic simplicity, has become Royal Mer’s signature.

Time, a true ally of top-of-the-range clothing.

While the fashion world is running out of time and succumbing to a frenzy of (over)production, the side effects of which are being discovered, Royal Mer remains faithful to its free approach which pays great attention to quality and the demands it implies.
At each stage of the creation and manufacturing process, our experts and industrial partners know that time is not a constantly optimizable factor, but a necessity to produce top-of-the-range garments and exceptional pieces that will keep their promise of durability.

French know-how

French know-how

Expert in high quality knitwear


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