Creative, dedicated, and sustainable knits

High Quality knitwear expert

Wearing Royal Mer means endorsing high quality knitwear know-how

For 70 years, Royal Mer has been perpetuating the French navy style knitwear tradition. Three generations of women and men knit experts have transmitted their savoir-faire and keeep improving their processes ans techniques through the years.

Designers, model and pattern makers, fully fashion or cut and sewn knitters, embroiders, every single talent works together with a co-creating team, enhancing knowledge synergies to create exceptional pieces.

High Quality

Knitwear tradition

Creative knits

Born creativity

A new collection is about 50% creativness and 50% technicality.


Everything starts from the yarn, and because there are thousands of them, the knitted fabrics construction process means almost no limit in terms of creation and design opportunities.

After having selected his yarn and the kind of stich that will structure the garment, the designer closely works with highly qualified technicians who will give shape to each piece. At Royal Mer’s, the research and development office is located at the very centre of the knitting factory, in order to maximise information and ideas circulation to guarantee optimized design and quality combinations.

Sustainable quality

Royal Mer promotes and selects natural fibres and top quality yarns  (100% virgin whool, merinos fine whool, cotton, alpaca…)


Because knits are living fabrics, we let them rest and stabilize during at least 5 days. That time is essential to guarantee a quality garment that will last season after season. Once assembled, each piece is carefully checked and sometimes hand-looped to ensure perfect finishing.

Chic and timeless style

Wearing Royal Mer is setting oneself free from fashion diktats, asserting a marine elegance and opting for timeless pieces  that will remain permanent part of a wardrobe.


Royal Mer creations are like the sea: both reassuring (know-how, manufacturing quality, best yarn selection) and always moving (creative, trends inspired, looking for new talents.)